Sunday 15 March 2009

The Dyson hadn't felt my hands upon it for weeks. Many weeks. I'm amazed I remember how to use it. Front room, hall, stairs, kitchen... bit of back room carpet. Then a quick look on the computer and oh my god, what's that... oh, the pain has returned. TWO HOURS I waited for it to subside while I tried to get comfortable on the sofa. After taking my tablets. Like something is prodding my womb from the inside, out. What the hell?

Of course, having so much codeine has its downside...s. The relief can be utterly euphoric, i.e. it doesn't fecking hurt much or at all anymore but then, next day, unless you've consumed a kilogramme of prunes, you're in for more hell.

I think I was a bit excited about having no pain this morning. Doing that vigorous vacuuming was great, helped Ma, which is always very important. But I think Mirena went for a bit of a wander. Not too far, though. I'm back to my hobble-like-a-wobbly-old-lady walking and propping my head up with cushions. I've stolen all the cushions on the sofa, they're all miiiiiiiine.

I shall knit *ow* a headbandy thing, I got it from - my printer liked this one. Not the other one, a button hat. I adore knitting now, and crocheting, but when this ARSE of a printer *very small fly trying to si,...dl.......... diatract me... on my left index finger... typing ith riht hand only... back to two hands... ooh, typos...* decides to choose what it will and will not print, it makes sitting in there >> (front room) trying to follow patterns a bit tricky. In style of Fry & Laurie's city types - daaaaaaaaaammmmnnnn!!!

Might also attempt a cowl. YES. A COWL...... Fitz has just walked in, making a noise he calls a meaow - it really isn't - and he (I assume it was he) kindly brought in one of my unopened noses. The shocked face one. Not the glasses one, nor the big grin one... I think those noses are among the best Red Noses they've made. They don't pinch. I do have an oversized honk so, maybe that's why I feel that way...

My hot water bottle cover is immensely satisfying, perfect heat from the bottle! Wonderful! Hoorahhh for meee.
Aaaand, over 90 minutes since the powerboost of painkillers (Ponstan and co-dydramol), still having pains. My point is not to complain and to say "oh poor me, isn't it terrible what pains I suffer, please do feel sorry for me" - you can if you want, I shan't object, too much... my point is this - how is this deemed not urgent? OK, so I'm not writhing in agony on the floor ALL day, nor am I flooding and soaking through sanitary pads but this is immense pain at times, I'm knocked out by painkilling tablets which don't even work to totally rid me of feeling pain... and this is OK to wait up to 4 weeks? I say not. I would, though, wouldn't I? Slightly biased, perhaps...

Agh... or, as Shelley says - gah... anagram. Nice wordplay. Go words - play! *Shakes head at self*

Sit-down time, now... Lark Rise with Ma. New hot water bottle... aaand knitting. Yep. That lovely headband thing. Cool. Have some of my hair up in pinned curls to make it less frizzy, I look like a combination of both Nans. This is very good. Beautiful, they were. Lovely.

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