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Welcome to my Art page, such as it is. Even though I have, for too many years, been sofa-bound, house-bound, sleepy, and groggy much of the time - thanks lately to my old pal, Morph(ine) - there have been a few precious times when I have been able to draw or paint some bits and pieces. According to the rules of being in receipt of ESA, I am allowed to earn a bit of cash.

Clicking on the pictures of my Artwork, below, will lead you to my online shop at Etsy, called Multicoloured Pop Shop. I may be underselling myself but, as I'm still at the beginning of this Art business thing and probably should be putting higher prices on things, I'm keeping them a bit low for now.

Frustratingly, once more, because of my current health situation, I'm not able to accept requests for commissions. *Boo! Hiss!*

If you would like to buy any of the pictures in my Etsy shop but don't have an account on there and don't want to sign up, you can easily let me know of your interest by contacting me using any of the links on the Where am I? tabbed page, above, on this sparkly, flowery blog of mine.

Thank-you for reading and (potentially) looking!

Bridled Black Horse - original portrait

West Highland Terrier - original portrait

Jack Russell Terrier - original dog portrait

Border Terrier - original dog portrait

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