Friday 23 January 2015

Time to Talk

Long time, no post. But look! Here's one, now! Here is my #Take5ToBlog post.

1. HI MY NAME IS... Lucy, and I have experienced (and still do experience) acute clinical depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks, suicidal contemplations, and OCD.

2. My mental health has affected every part of my life; friendships, sleep, some semblance of a career, relationships, appetite, education, hobbies, my closest family, and so many more aspects have, in some way, be it enormous or weeny, been affected by my mental health.

3. My greatest source of support has been my parents, as a whole. Together. As one... "thing". (Sorry Ma, Pa.)

4. My hope for the future is that a unicorn will swoop me away to Sparkly Rainbow Land. Failing that, I hope that I'll keep on gaining confidence and be able to volunteer and/or draw for cash, again.

5. I'm taking 5 on Time to Talk day because mental health isn't something to hide or be hidden. So many people experience some kind of mental health trouble, and I think that no-one who has felt anything from a hint of anxiousness or the worst of bi-polar ought to be ashamed.

Accepting things that I can not change has been one of the hardest challenges in my life, and, since I did, I loathe myself far less than when trying to fight it all. Ultimately, when fighting so fiercely to deny what was real, I failed to progress at all, and felt even more miserable, even more of the time.

I don't like any of my mental bothers but I have learned, grudgingly, to accept that they are part of what makes me me. Without them, I simply would not be who I have become, and I'm a lot more kind to myself now (sort of), even though I still occasionally have a panic attack and frequently have sobfests. Or maybe it's because of, not in spite of, those things.

Come, join me on my mental journey! Find me online, but know that I may take a year to respond. Not a year. Exaggerated. A while. Probably.

(This is openly-shared on here and on facebook, so, if you want to pass it on (with credit where due, obviously), please do.)

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