Wednesday 20 February 2013

Something a little more Rosie...

With my jabs, I wondered if I'd be well enough to do some kind of work. After several days' continuous activities I can truthfully say, "No".

Thursday was to my GP for the second jab, then off to do some food shopping; Friday was a walk to the shops; Saturday was another walk to the shops; Sunday was a drive to some shops, then along to the antiques and collectables fair; Monday was shlomping; Tuesday was a walk to the shops.

Today I am shattered. I am aching and tired and full of headache with no apparent ability to concentrate. I had to undo and reknit the same rows several times because of my über-stupidity before finally and begrudgingly heeding my Mum's advice to, "Put it down or you'll make mistakes". BUT. BUT! It's not the usual ouchiness and duhhh from "just" endo and periods and pains and codeine; it's from doing things I've wanted for months and months, even years, because of the lack of periods! HOORAYS!

Words do not do justice to how I feel about all this. I am so bloody pleased and emotional about my third installment of A Change of Living, about how very weird it feels to be able to plan to do things, to not have to let down my friends and people and feel a needless leadweight of guilt about the effects of something I could do nothing to stop.

This is a relatively short post, and it has very few pictures to make it pretty but I hope you'll forgive me, reader, for my terrible absence and neglect of my blog. It's only now that I'm starting to feel like me, again, and a me who is heavier, bigger, chunkier. I have now gained - since beginning Duloxetine not even one year ago - ... TWO-AND-A-HALF-STONES IN WEIGHT!! Fantastic. I feel so good! I have never in my 31 years felt so comfortable being me, even though I do wobble more these days.

Aside from the dreadful effects of last year's hormonal mistake, Noristerat, home life lately has been super-stressful with my wonderful little Rosie being so very ill that we thought she was a goner. But here she is, resting like a parrot on my shoulder, a position only a soppy old sausage of a cat could find comfortable.

I have Time Team to watch, a Creme Egg to devour, and the soppy cat with me to keep me warm and cosy.

This is a post via my phone since I genuinely can not grasp the shreds of effort and energy floating about to open my poor old laptop. I hope it posts correctly and looks decent enough.

Hopefully, not too much time will pass until my next post.

(P.s. If I said I'd make you A THING a looong time ago and didn't send anything - because of depression and endometriosis - please do tell me where to send A THING. A random sending of THINGS has commenced so you may well receive A THING soon. Comments on here are verified before being published so addresses won't be shared, or you can send me a direct message on Twitter, or send a message on facebook. Or email