Monday 19 August 2013

Scar tissue.

As I struggle to keep my eyes open, I felt a need (for some reason) to show you my biggest cut yet. And it's adorned in a photo with stuff and roses and words and birds through phone apps and photo things.

It's past 2am. I need sleep. Here is one of my battle wounds, healing well with all stitches now out.

Sleep is now.

Thursday 8 August 2013


Occasionally, I forget what I've just been through, and attempt to cough. And then I remember. And I curse myself. Because it really fucking hurts.

I have four fancy new - and startlingly-neat - wounds, minimal gas pain in my right shoulder, and general post-operative restrictive pains. The hours immediately after I woke up were, without question, up there on the oft-unreachable heights of the times I've experienced my most terrifying period pain.
Post-endometriosis-surgery pains have been almost the same each time, for me; this was different because, as I found out a little later, my surgeon had to use a trocar on my left side to take out the pesky right ovary.

And, as ever, the nurses who looked after me on my ward were FANTASTIC. Such kind, caring, funny, sweet people. Definitely in the right jobs. I love the NHS. I really do.

Basically, I am all right and must rest. It will be some weeks before we - "My Team" - know if things have improved and if the right thing(s) was done. Recovery will be a longer process than I had previously thought; I have to double my three-week assumption based on my other operations. I did add a week to those recoveries but... Hm.

Thank-you to every one of you who sent such kind words and wishes and get well things. 
It's all so very much appreciated, every bit of it.

I have to go, now, to do that resting thing. Until the next, reader...