In the beginning...

Pain. Pain. More pain. The beginning of Pop Goes The Feasible.
My online wittering started in 2009 because I'd had the Mirena IUS fitted to try to reduce the heaviness and pain of my periods, with the possibly that they would be stopped altogether. It didn't work and, for the three months it was in, I suffered agony each day, which meant codeine-based painkillers each day, which in turn meant I ended up with a codeine dependency.

Amid all that pain was the news that my Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer. My family and I (how very lah-di-dah) had a pretty rough time of it all, and it's still something we each think of each day, knowing how very lucky we are.

Finally, after a mere 16 years of waiting for appropriate help and treatment, I was given a laparoscopy and diagnosed with endometriosis. I'd known this was the cause of my troubles for a few years before that but, as so many other women and girls have found, there was a hell of a battle to win before someone actually heard what I said. I was even told, just weeks before my operation, that I did not have endometriosis and lo! There it was.

People have told me it'll be fine, it's not that bad, I'm exaggerating, I'm making a fuss, that I "go on" about the pain I feel every. single. day. without fail. It's not all right, it won't get better, and you wouldn't cope more heroically. I've been told it's not as bad as labour pains by women who've had children, who add "that's real pain". That's hurtful. I've never presumed labour isn't painful so why berate my pain? It's not less important than yours.

Ignorance is king. Please don't let it rule you.

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  1. Hi Hun!

    A new reader here, I think I am finally accepting this awful chronic illness and now want to find out as much as possible and other sufferers.

    Just wanted to say, I've been lucky that my Endo (and fibroids) didnt affect my fertility and I have 2 handsome boys, but believe me when I say, some days I would rather be in labour that suffer with my Endo pains!

    Keep strong xxx


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