Monday 29 July 2013

Unforeseen circumventing.

Laziness/tiredness tells me to copy and paste what I've already told select people, with some editing here and there. So I shall.

Bloody ill people taking up hospital beds. Don't they know my ovary needs to be analysed?!

Because I'm such a hardnut on megadoses of morphine, I'll need a lot more than The Average Joe after my operation, which will cause a lot of pain. So I need a bed. And the weekend saw a lot of people needing beds. So, instead of sending me home in severe pain, they must keep me in overnight. But they can't. Because there is not one bed free. Anywhere in the hospital.

*Add Lansley and Hunt blame here*

So, my op has been postponed. AND I was first on the list! Sod's Law is working well today. Next thing will be a period. "LOL" at that thought. No, hang on - that's not funny. That is NOT funny.

I'm not angry in the least; frustrated, yes, but whaddya gunna do? A phonecall or letter will tell me when I'm due in. Again...

Thanks so very, very much for the good wishes, love, and kindness. All of it is so appreciated by all of us here.

Time for tea, stamps, Rosie cuddles, and very probably a sleep on the sofa. STAMPS AHOY, SAILOR!

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