Friday 26 July 2013

Monday, Bloody Monday.

It's the finality of it all. The totally unquestionable end. It's the wholly different way of thinking, planning, living. Living. Living day-to-day without the fear of it coming back all too soon. The knowledge that it will not be coming back; it won't be "just" six months off, give or take other highly restrictive pains.

I don't have any love to give endometriosis, and I shan't miss my periods one tiny, weeny, neutrino-sized bit. The drastic change seems to be the thing I most think about: my being unable to have children despite not wanting any, anyway; the potential of being able to continue my Artwork without being forced to account for delays or spending weeks away from it; cancelling appointments at hospitals or dates with friends.

Essentially, having wants and being able to achieve them. Simple wants. Regular desires. Seeing friends, walking alone in the town shops, driving, travelling on buses and trains. Independence! Decades of hoping for it. Striving.

I'm trying not to be optimistic about possible results, while trying not to be too negative; I'm aiming for realism. I think I'm about there. I think.

A vision of me reborn, leaping and smiling, twirling in my flouncy new red dress like someone in a Special K ad ought not be imagined. By anyone. I perhaps have the hair for it but that's all.
Pain, I fully expect, will stay but at a (hopefully) lesser degree than currently. I expect, also, to keep this wretched fatigue, and all who sail in it. If my pains do decrease in severity, I hope, very much, that I shall be able to begin lowering the doses of morphine, with a view to eventually end up taking my old pal codeine, again.

But, first, I should concentrate on the operation which could change my life from the stressy bollocks it is now to something a bit less bollocky.

There's no bravery. There's no pity. There's nothing to be sorry about. Shit happens, and it just happened to hit my fan so hard it broke. So it has to go, along with old gurgly git here, The Right Ovary.

It's the undoubtedly emotional upheaval of it all which I keep coming back to. Even though this is my decision, it doesn't make these past few days any less difficult to get through, nevermind the day of the operation and the days after.
And, even if I did want motherhood in my future, could I put myself through this debilitation and the sickening terror of my periods for another five years, for example? I don't believe I could. I truly, honestly don't.

Science: sort it the fuck out. PLEASE.

The operation happens on this coming Monday, 29th July.


  1. Good luck!
    I can imagine how hard it must be to make a decision like that, even if you don't want kids, that should be s choice you get to make, not have circumstances make for you. I hope you get the results you are hoping for and more. Xx


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