Thursday 18 April 2013


Colourful stickers
Have travelled the planet
On parcels that journeyed
From Moscow to Thanet.
Letters from sweethearts
Delivered and treasured
Because one little label
Enables such pleasure.

Scientists' discoveries,
Seasonal flowers,
War leaders' triumphs,
Hurriedly devoured
By passionate people
With a penchant for detail,
Searching for gold dust
In auctions and retail.

Millennium, Christmas,
The sovereign's sceptre,
New Zealand's history,
Olympiad spectres,
The owl and the pussycat,
Shakespeare and Dickens,
Aardman, The Gruffalo,
Oxen and chickens,
The greatest of Britons,
And Doctor Who,
I see immense beauty in stamps,
Perhaps you do, too.

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