Friday 5 April 2013


NaPoWriMo 2013 - part five. Day five. Yay me. Etc..

Caffeine, crocheting, and codeine.
Which one do I like the most?
Caffeine keeps me awake,
Crocheting keeps my hands active,
Codeine keeps pain from making me shake
From the burning,
And piercing,
And stabbing inside.

I daydreamed, as a child,
Of what I would do
When I could work and drive,
When I'd said, "Goodbye" to my youth.
Alas, none of it's happened,
At least, not so far.
Some days, I feel lost
To endo, but my Ma
Helps me, always,
To attend more hospital visits,
And picks up my repeat prescriptions,
Answers people asking, "Ohh, what is it?"
When I struggle to breathe
I try to call for my Mum
Because there's a little-known language
Understood by just one
Other person (excluding me).

If not for my Mum and Dad,
I don't know how I would live
When some days I can not walk
And she tells me there is nothing she would not give
To see her little girl free of all this pain.
While she lifts me from the floor,
I hold her as tightly as I can,
Knowing the sofa is, once more
My destination for the day
And the woe is just too much
And I wish I'd never woken up.

Crocheting helps me create,
The caffeine helps to revive.
But neither can ease the heaviness in my heart,
Because I know I need codeine to survive.

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