Friday 3 April 2009

Hookie Street

The scene where Del and Rodney are saying goodbye at Rodney's wedding reception is such wonderful viewing. They play it so beautifully, with such... "realness". The only unpleasant aspect of the scene is that "they" chose Simply Red and the singing fool to play in the background. Ugh. Annoyingly, though, it fits perfectly and works so well for the atmosphere. Dammit.

I always like looking at stuff (great word, stuff) on eBay. You can buy stuff (ah, word) that you like but can't find elsewhere and, sometimes, have your probable bargain within two days. You can't always be sure that what you've paid for is what you're going to get but when you do and it's better than you expected it to be, it's brilliant.
I always wear unfussy jeans, though lately, thanks to the big-but-actually-rather-small M, "comfortable jog pants", specifically, a pair of £3-from-Primark trousers. I still wonder if they're ethically made. I really hope they were: they fit beautifully... but there is a thoroughly floral adoring feminine side to me. I have again taken to buying fabric and yarn. I now have a lot of fabric and yarn. Certainly, it's more than I have room for. (Note to self: get well and move out.)
I made a bag from fabric remnants for the yarn. And now need to either make another one or buy one for the yarn that doesn't fit in the remnant bag. Knitting needles and crochet hooks were also part of the crafty purchases. Yarn and no tools is a bit useless. AND I've made things. Oh yes. So far, I have made a bag, a hat, some wrist-warmer things (2 pairs of) and a hot water bottle cover for ME. It's lovely, chunky-knitted (chunkily-knitted?), blue with claret crocheting round the edges to join it together. And presently, it's exactly what I need, as I use it everyday. Although, being acrylic, it's bobbling. Never mind. It only stays under my cardigan (...I'm actually not old, I really am 27...) soothing (or slightly burning. Oops.) my belly ahh...

I'd love to be able to look after my Mum a bit better than I am. My Dad has been home from work for a few days so he's been helping with tasks neither Ma nor I can do, on account of our varying (in)capabilities. There was a charming moment earlier in the evening when I washed Mum's hair; because of her surgery, leaning forward and moving her arm causes her pain and discomfort, so there was no question as to her doing it herself and even less that I'd do it for her. We were giggling and chatting about how she used to wash her Mum's hair (Mum is/was a hairdresser) and how my equally wonderful Nan used to chuckle when the spray of water got the back of her head. My Mum did exactly the same and it was one of those "oh d'you remember that?" moments. The same happened with my Dad a few weeks ago in one of our local charity shops. We were looking at the crockery and noticed a "nice" small plate. On the back was a stamp, "FOREIGN". We said, at the same time, "Depends where you are" and each promptly let out a rather loud guffaw, breaking the silence of the shop. It was nothing short of delightful.

Despite all these really rather terrible pains I experience, with or without Mirena slowing me down or completely stopping me from carrying out "normal" activities, I shall have those special father-daughter and mother-daughter moments. These times make us all giggle and appreciate that, despite the obvious family connection (it really is obvious, I'm SO much like each of my Nans, in different ways). We are such good friends, my Ma, Pa, brother J and me, all together and to each other. My parents are my best friends, because they know me better than I know myself, sometimes. That can be good and bad. But right now, knowing what's happened this week to my Mum, it can surely only be a good thing.

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